Heartcore Ride Notting Hill

The thought of cycling filled me with fear, the sweating, being shouted at, not to mention the darkened rooms. As I love Heartcore, I was convinced to try the new Ride classes at their glorious Notting Hill studio. To be honest I was petrified, as

Cropped Levis

I have written before, on how I have fallen out of love with my skinny jeans, for me it is now about finding vintage Levis.

So where to find them?

I have bought my best pairs at Peekaboo Vintage, you can buy them online at ASOS for £45 . You can

Preloved Bargains from Shonamac

I always check Preloved first and one of these best online shops, is Shonamac.com, preloved sites such as this, have replaced the majority of my Outnet, TK Maxx  and Bicester Village shopping. The prices are just so much more affordable and it allows

Spa by Car Mobile Beauty

I am so busy, that the days of heading out to get my nails, threading or tan done is just not on the cards. I have been using Spa by Car for months now and they send the best therapists, to your home, seven days a week from 10 to 10 in the evening, anywhere

£10 White Shirt from John Lewis

I am blessed by having great friends who are quick to share their top finds. When Shanaz tipped my off to this £10 shirt from John Lewis, I was sceptical but I ordered it anyway.

The fabric is that lovely stiff cotton you normally only find with expensive

Mink Slide by Weekend Max MAra

I fell in love with a coat at Weekend Max Mara last year but I didn't strike fast enough and it sold out.  I have been checking the brand out regularly since and it is the first shop, that has enticed me to spend now, rather than wait for the sales.

Romwe the perfect hoodie

I am trying to invest in better pieces but sometimes you just want something new, for me this season  H&M and Romwe and where I am going for my quick fix fashion.

Romwe is a online site, that is really cheap and is brilliant for finding a gem

The Midi Dress

I struggle with dresses, as I hate tights and dresses throw up way too many questions, when you get dresses at 6.00 AM.

Sometimes JEANS WONT DO, we all know when you are faced with going somewhere and there is that last minute panic. I also feel if


It is the time of year, all the new season pieces are in the shops and it is time to hold your nerve because before you know it the 20% emails, will start flocking in.

Be prepared and get your WISH LIST ready, then you can strike quickly and not end