I met up with my super talented graphic designer Monika, last week as we are starting work on a really exciting project, that I cannot wait to share with you.

While we were working she showed me some work she had done for a polish brand called ZAQUAD.

Steve Madden

I was looking for a pair of Isabel Marant boots on Vestaire Collective and a pair from Steve Madden, popped up. They were so reasonable and an exact replica of the Isabel Marant Andrew boots I was searching for , which sold out everywhere and are still

Bionic Bodies

I have own up, I am often caught in my gymwear all day, especially if I am working from home or like now in the middle of a house move.

I do have a wide selection of options I throw on later, to disguise the fact that I am still wearing gymwear when

Frame Denim Boiler Suit

I know it is a bit of a fashion cliché  and I am not sure if they are age appropriate but I love dungarees. My kids and husband hate them but I preserve, rightly or wrongly they make me feel young.

I am always on the lookout for other similar looks

Skincare that works over 40

At last the first post from the new house, I  just got internet but our furniture is just starting to arrive tomorrow, so excuse the sporadic nature of my posts for the next few days. One thing I have had not got to worry about, during this stressful

The Perfect Cape

I have searched for ages for a great well priced tailor and at last I have found one!

It is so worth preserving to find one, suddenly you can take all those items that are just not right in your wardrobe and have them altered.

I bought this skirt

Metallic Chanel Cardigan

I became obsessed by a metallic Chanel cardigan, after seeing it on the super stylish Hannah Stafford Taylor. I could not believe my luck, when I spotted this almost replica in an Oxfam Store on Marylebone Highstreet.  I have found pieces from Chloe