Elina linardaki

I am a shoe and coat person and this time of year, I become obsessed about the latest wedges, flatforms and sandals inundating our inbox.

In the second of the series, I am delighted to share with you what the fashion insiders, have their eye on this

Preloved Event

I regularly clear my wardrobe and sell the items I no longer use on my own Ebay shop; I have been doing it for years. It is a great lesson in buying wisely, and I have a strict 'one in one out' rule.

Just do it and I promise, if you do, you will feel

Leopard Print Coat

After seeing my friend Deborah in her super vintage leopard print coat before Christmas, I became obsessed by getting one.

There are so many on the High Street, Topshop does one every season but I wanted a true vintage feel, so this took a lot of searching

Wellbeing of Women

I would love you to think about supporting Wellbeing of Women, there are so many charities out there but this is one that is so wellcoming, well run and the research funded by the charity, is making such a difference to women's lives.

Wellbeing of

Sommerville Scarfs

A great hat hides a multitude these hats from Somerville Scarves are such amazing quality, they are the Holy Grail, double faced cashmere and beautifully finished, it doesn't get better than this.

This is a great Valentines present or I will be taking

Great skin over 40

My addiction to Reality TV, particularly the Housewives of LA, is driving me to thoughts of botox  again.

Looking at some of the Ladies, hitting 50 and there is not a blemish, double chin or line in sight.  Part of me is saying they look fake but

Celine Oversized sweater

I love Matches and I cyber stalk their sale, waiting for the last days to pick up those designer pieces I have been lusting after for months.

Today they have an extra 20% off , so it is the day to check out the sale.

This time last year I bought

Chanel Jacket

January is such a hard month; it is dark and cold and it seems so long until Spring. Today in London I felt the sun on my face for the first time this year.

All the stores are starting to bombard us with the new season choices and I am holding off

buttercup header

At this time of year I crave light, and I am getting so bored of wearing grey, black and navy on rotation.

I NEED COLOUR! It indicates to me that Spring is around the corner, and that we have almost made it through Winter.

Buttercup, that gorgeous

2015-11-26 22.39.50

I have to be honest... I never leave the house now without some form of make up. I am 45 and my days of going barefaced are well behind me.  Normally I am rushing out in the morning trying to remember all the kids school paraphernalia.

A quick fix