This is a look I can identify with and it is the first one that has really  captured my attention, for Autumn 2016.

Look for  oversized and wear them with heels. My dream one would be from Stella McCartney in navy velvet but I will have to see if

Kevyn Aucoin The Perfect Nude

I don't wear a lot of make up but being in my mid 40's ( sorry to keep harping on), I have realized that I can no longer get away without wearing make up.

At the same time the older you get, the less make up you wear, the better. I am a devotee of

Rachel Comey

I have tried so hard to avoid buying these jeans, I have literally tried on every pair of cropped, black jeans that I could get my hands on to find a better priced option but they just don't measure up. If you are tiny, I agree you can get away one of

Botox when to have it

I spent too much time in my youth plucking my brows and I have left them to grow but the volume and thickness, just didn't come back.

I have dyed my brows in the past but I don't like the severity of the look with my blonde hair, instead I use

Alice Archer

Inspired by Alice Archer and my visit to The Place London, I am now obsessed about the kimono worn as a dress or over shorts and distressed denim. The Alice Archer pieces are  available from The Place  and this one featured below, is even in Sale now!

Summer Fitness from Nike

On holiday,  my Rose consumption definitely escalates and while I very seldom eat white bread in London, on holiday I seem permanently attached to a baguette. I have worked so hard this year at Heartcore to get fit and traditionally I would slack off

Folk Dress by Emma Bigger Vita-Kin

Instagram is still obsessed with these Ukrainian folk dresses.  It started with Vita Kin and there are so many other versions available but most are still a fortune and are so heavy to wear.

I have to admit that I love these folk dresses as I can

Marbella tips for Pilates

I have written about Marbella before, check out my older  post if you missed it.  We are lucky to come here regularly and I want to share my latest finds.

Starting with exercise,  El Rosario Pilates is the best place I have tried in  Marbella,