Alexander Wang t-shirt body

I have been at the forefront of all things oversized, from sweatshirts, jumpers and shirts.  I adore them all. I think the key is not to wear that oversized schlocky look all the time but to mix it up with some proper grown up clothes too.

It is important

histoires de parfums

I am so tired of perfumes that disappear as soon as you put them on and I have written before about all the tricks to get perfume to last.  Bryedo is the only brand that has staying power but doesn't knock you out like Poison, Eternity or Angel.  It

MIH Daily

Last year I discovered Levi's again, through my friend Hannah, this year she brought the M.i.h Daily to my attention.

Levi's are amazing, I feel I want that same looser fit but I need the fabric of the denim to work, hold and lift, especially on the


Fenwick is now my place to go if I want to touch, feel and try on; which you have to do sometimes to better judge sizing, quality and check out new brands.

The last time I visited Fenwick I felt there wasn't enough of the brands I like but this has

Slogan t-shirts

I know, t-shirts in Winter?  I still tend to wear t-shirts all the time under my jackets and coats and then layer with a cardigan or hoodie.

The Gucci t-shirt is everywhere, I bought the men's version which cost £260,  otherwise it is £320

The Belted Cardigan

It has been so mild this Winter that cardigans have become a feasible option to a coat.  I am in my car a lot and a driving with a heavy coat is just not comfortable.  This week I have been searching for a great belted cardigan that is warm enough

Ganni Sweater

I love Instagram and when I saw one of my friends, Hannah's post, featuring a jaw dropping blue jumper from Ganni, it made me realize that the shorter length and the balloon sleeves just paired perfectly with the new shaped denim.  The sweater just

Skincare over 40

'nature gives you the face you have at twenty,

life shapes the face you have at thirty,

at fifty you get the face you deserve'

I love this Coco Chanel quote.

Ageing is a leveller.  As you get older there are no short cuts and even those

Travelling in Style

I am off on my travels.  We had to cancel our trip to Spain last week as Luella was sick but we are off now for a few days to Dublin to see my family for Christmas.  Packing is always a challenge for me with the airline weight limits, however, even