Sometimes you just don't have the time to exercise or you just cannot face the traffic or parking.

A friend of mine, Tanya Nouril recommended E-fit , I tried it when I was in Spain and loved it so when I came back it was on my radar to check out.

The Simon Cowell Denim

I have looked for other names but nothing describes this style more aptly than the  Simon Cowell cut.

The cut has a trouser feel to it and the fabric of the denim must not fluid, I bought this pair at Urban Outfitters in the vintage section. They


I hate this Black Friday period as I keep feeling I am missing out and never seem to have the  codes that everyone else is brandishing.

The fact that most of the websites change the good pieces to New Season or Classics is also annoying me.


Tara Jamon The Perfect black Dress

Never look for a dress when you have an event coming up, I guarantee the entire process will be stressful and in my case I always get it wrong and end up not wearing what I have bought.

If you see a dress you love just buy it then and there. I bought

metallic jacket

I get really nervous when I see the proliferation of sequin dresses and skirts at this time of year, retailers and bloggers, not to mention magazines, tend to try to persuade us to spend money on 'body tinsel'.

We bloggers tend to be the worst culprits.  Sequins

No Make Up Make Up

I will not head out without make up anymore but saying that, the amount of make up I use has reduced dramatically.  The older you get the harder it is for makeup not to age you and give that masked look.

I get up just after six every morning and

Rock the Jumpsuit

So many readers have asked me to recommend a well priced jumpsuit that is flattering on all body shapes and heights.

Rock the Jumpsuit, is the brand to buy now...before they sell out.  The fabric is as good as any designer piece I have tried but it


When I was still working, I bought the Chloe Susanna boots, that was many years ago (when I actually earned a decent salary) and they are still pristine.  I felt like they should work but they didn't for me.

They look much better on those graced

Best Preloved in London

You all know about my obsession with buying Preloved, I have been invited to so many events where the stock is either way overpriced or just so old and worn out that no one wants it!

So, I have decided to hold my own event and joined forces with Shonamac,