how to shop vintage

The key to shopping vintage is to have a clear idea of what you are looking for, check the trends, try to find an equivalent piece at a fraction of the original price and best of all, it will be unique.  This season is all about florals, midi skirts

Aloe London

I have featured Aloe London before as Claire lives locally to me.   I still use everything that I have bought from her, and best of all, her price point is affordable.

People say to me that I wouldn't wear silk pyjamas as they are too delicate.

swimwear edit over 40

I have just come back from two weeks in Spain.  I have got away for two years without buying any new swimwear but they are now all a bit saggy and I need a full swimwear overhaul.

There is so much out there at all price points and I have tried to

made by riley

I have written about Made by Riley  when they only made t-shirts.  They have now expanded into joggers, leggings and hoodies.  A lot of my joggers were too flimsy and bagged at the knees and bottom. I adore vintage Nike and Adidas trackpants but

Tara Jarmon

The sales are imminent and I am busy marking the pieces I want to buy once they start. It is key to do this so that you can just swoop once the discounts are announced.

I tried on this green skirt as soon as it came out in the Autumn and as it wasn't

Stay true to yourself

Taking time to build outfits is the key to dressing well, not having lots of clothes and nothing to wear.

Why can't we do it?  I have half done it but it is too easy just to go online and shop rather than head upstairs and face my own burgeoning wardrobe.

Velevet kimono Sarah Harris

I am not enjoying the Spring 2017 fashion trends!  I have spent hours on the high street and found very little (check my Wear What I Wear) for the few pieces I could find.

The pieces I adore are all outside of my budget and I have to wait for the


 It has been a while since I have written a review – a combination of a fascinating but challenging new role at work coupled with a busy home life. However my recent visit to Clarette roused me out of my writing slumber and I left itching to share


I adore the site Free People and have been a visitor ever since I visited one of their stores in LA.  Nothing beats their array of Summer clothes, especially dresses.  I bought a sweater dress a few years ago and it is still one of my favourites.