No Make Up Make Up

I will not head out without make up anymore but saying that, the amount of make up I use has reduced dramatically.  The older you get the harder it is for makeup not to age you and give that masked look.

I get up just after six every morning and

Masks that work

Sometimes things go wrong, your skin breaks out or you get too little sleep or we overindulge, all this reflects straight away in your skin.

These are products that I use regularly and have bought myself. I cannot bear those sit on the fence posts,

Kevyn Aucoin The Perfect Nude

I don't wear a lot of make up but being in my mid 40's ( sorry to keep harping on), I have realized that I can no longer get away without wearing make up.

At the same time the older you get, the less make up you wear, the better. I am a devotee of

Botox when to have it

I spent too much time in my youth plucking my brows and I have left them to grow but the volume and thickness, just didn't come back.

I have dyed my brows in the past but I don't like the severity of the look with my blonde hair, instead I use

skincare over 45 that works

I have featured lots of different skincare products, that I use, they are items that work and I have tried enough in my time . As you get older, it is hard to find products that really get results.  Realistically up to 45, it didn't matter but now one