Etsy Plaid Shirt

I love getting requests from readers and questions about tops are something that regularly comes up.  Therefore, I decided to tackle the subject today on the blog, albeit it's not ground breaking advice!

Generally, I am too busy to worry about what

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Wearing maxi dresses during the day is just not practical, they trail in the mud and rain and they hinder you from getting what you have to do done.

The drouser is the new trend and it really works!  It is a take on the midi dress that you can wear

slouch boots header

I had seen the slouchy boot around and about but it wasn't until I tried one on at Chanel last week that the beauty and usefulness of this style struck me.

Cropped jeans/joggers are my uniform but it makes finding the right shoe tricky and as the weather


I was chatting with a few friends recently and the topic that comes up more and more is the gap between what clothes cost and what 95% of people are able or even willing to spend.

With the advent of street style and the glorification of bloggers, clothes

Suits and tailoring trends 2017

It started last year with suits starting to pop up on fashionistas who had never seen the inside of an office and the in-crowd were pairing them with trainers or slides.  This year, tailoring is even more prevalent.  This is a trend that you can best


I love my friends and when Jo came up with this 'Instagram Kiss of Death' it hit a nerve.  When items and brands are completely over hyped it becomes one of the real downsides of social media, and it makes me feel a bit unsettled.

Certain glorious

Maison Boinet

I have bought belts before but usually take them off before I go out.  It's as if I feel too constrained or feel the look is simply better without a belt at all.  Yet this season, everyone is belting sweaters and jackets and replacing their existing