Couture Community

I am an avid preloved shopper but I know that lots of my friends can't be bothered to log on to loads of different sites.  They want to be able to find a wide array of brands and sizes on just one site.  Couture Community is aiming to bring together


Fenwick is now my place to go if I want to touch, feel and try on; which you have to do sometimes to better judge sizing, quality and check out new brands.

The last time I visited Fenwick I felt there wasn't enough of the brands I like but this has

Best Preloved in London

You all know about my obsession with buying Preloved, I have been invited to so many events where the stock is either way overpriced or just so old and worn out that no one wants it!

So, I have decided to hold my own event and joined forces with Shonamac,


I normally avoid, Press Days or Blogger Events, as I prefer to stumble on things myself.

You will see all the bloggers in Jaeger, in the next weeks, this time I am happy to get on board.  I have worn the brand for years and love, what the designers

Cropped Levis

I have written before, on how I have fallen out of love with my skinny jeans, for me it is now about finding vintage Levis.

So where to find them?

I have bought my best pairs at Peekaboo Vintage, you can buy them online at ASOS for £45 . You can

Preloved Bargains from Shonamac

I always check Preloved first and one of these best online shops, is, preloved sites such as this, have replaced the majority of my Outnet, TK Maxx  and Bicester Village shopping. The prices are just so much more affordable and it allows

Mink Slide by Weekend Max MAra

I fell in love with a coat at Weekend Max Mara last year but I didn't strike fast enough and it sold out.  I have been checking the brand out regularly since and it is the first shop, that has enticed me to spend now, rather than wait for the sales.

Preloved the best way to shop

I promised myself, when I stated the blog, I would only write about what I am passionate about.  I don't want to bombard you all the time, as most of us have so much stuff, we just don't wear.

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