Chloe Bicester Village

I have never been that successful at Bicester Village.  I think I am spoiled by buying preloved and also going to sample sales.  Typically, the pieces I love are still a fortune and I end up buying something random to justify the trip.

Today, accompanied

Couture Community

I am an avid preloved shopper but I know that lots of my friends can't be bothered to log on to loads of different sites.  They want to be able to find a wide array of brands and sizes on just one site.  Couture Community is aiming to bring together


Fenwick is now my place to go if I want to touch, feel and try on; which you have to do sometimes to better judge sizing, quality and check out new brands.

The last time I visited Fenwick I felt there wasn't enough of the brands I like but this has

Furla Metropolis

I gave up buying expensive designer bags a while ago, there is no way I could justify spending sometimes nearly £2000. Maybe it is age and the knowledge that I don't need a bag to be well dressed . Being surrounded by amazing women such as Deborah Sheridan

Best Preloved in London

You all know about my obsession with buying Preloved, I have been invited to so many events where the stock is either way overpriced or just so old and worn out that no one wants it!

So, I have decided to hold my own event and joined forces with Shonamac,