Perfume that will linger all day – HISTOIRES de PARFUMES

histoires de parfums

I am so tired of perfumes that disappear as soon as you put them on and I have written before about all the tricks to get perfume to last.  Bryedo is the only brand that has staying power but doesn’t knock you out like Poison, Eternity or Angel.  It is really expensive and I tend to keep it for special occasions.

histoires de parfum

Histoires de Parfums was recommended at my local boutique Diverse.  It comes in loads of different versions and is packaged so beautifully.  The best bit is that it costs only £35 and it lingers all day in a non-overpowering way.

histoires de parfums

Histoires de Parfum, is a perfect gift for yourself or put it on your Valentines Wish List.  You can buy online from Anthropologie

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    • Hi there should have said I use 1804 thanks for reading

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