Future of blogging

Brands, please don't think that we are stupid; when we see the same people posting the same brand within a few hours of each other, we don't think WOW THIS MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL, we all get annoyed and think INSTAGRAM TRAP FREEBIE ALERT and WE ARE

Absolutely Fabulous

I just love this  quote on the the advert to the new Absolutely Fabulous  movie and with all the bad news, I know some people with think me a bit childish, it made me smile.

It also made me think about my relationships with other women,  with the

Wellbeing of Women

I would love you to think about supporting Wellbeing of Women, there are so many charities out there but this is one that is so wellcoming, well run and the research funded by the charity, is making such a difference to women's lives.

Wellbeing of

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I am blessed with all the amazing friends I have made at my children's school, and they have been so supportive of my blog, so as a thank you I arranged a girls night in at my friend Deborah's house. She brought her school mums too, and a great time was

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Last week's visit, to check out the wardrobe of one of the UK's most stylish women Noreen Goodwin, blew me away.

I don't often say that but it was a game changer.

I was feeling a bit tired of the trends and lacking in fashion inspiration, but no