Kimonos done well

kimonos over jeans

A kimono is something that every woman should have in their wardrobe.  For me it was We are Leone who kicked off the trend and I am still lusting after one of their pieces.  Then came For Restless Sleepers – these brands appeared all over social media and whet our appetite for this look.

Why kimonos?

They work with everything.  If you love jeans but want to dress the look up in the evening then throw a kimono over, as I have below, the one below is vintage from SK Vintage ( they always have a few) .

kimonos over jeans

kimonos over jeans

kimonos over jeans

A kimono over shorts is a great way to get away with wearing shorts in the city when you don’t want all of your legs on show.

kimonos over shorts

This is generally not one to buy on the high street unless you can find cotton, linen or silk.  The robe has to flow nicely and synthetic material just doesn’t work as well.

alice archer silk kimonos

My other top tip is to replace the tie belt with a leather one.  This takes the ‘just left the bedroom’ look away. My favourite belts are from Maison Boinet.

Also, go with your shape and size.  I love a longer length, but I am quite tall.  If you are not so tall then go for a midi length and it wont drag you down.  Avoid crazy prints and ensure the fabric is light and fitted.

kimonos street style

Vintage is the best place to look and there are so many around; check Ebay or this vintage piece and I really love this Finery one.  Etsy is also a brilliant place to hunt down the perfect kimono.  Asos Marketplace has quite a few along with Freepeople, who do so many great kimonos too and the site is also great for styling tips.  Mes Demoiselles is another brand to check out.

Holland London

Holland London

My other top tips is Holland Street – this British brand is so well priced and the fabrics are spot, as featured above!


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