I know this is not a sexy topic but it is a brilliant time of year to sell anything you no longer wear or just items which were mistakes in the first place!  Once the sales start, which they will in November, then the Preloved market slows down dramatically.

Brent Cross Review

I am going to be honest as my readers wouldn't expect anything less:

Many years ago, the very first time I 'went' to Brent Cross I got so lost that I spent over an hour circling the surrounding roads and ended up on the North Circular, not able to

Bloggers Home Office

I moved a few  months ago and with my Preloved Shop growing and the being busy with the blog, I earmarked a room to be my home office.

I wanted a practical space, I needed to have somewhere quiet to write and then enough desk space for when we have

2015-11-26 20.09.40

Thank you to Nuzy for reviewing and I added the photos, the product is such great value for money and I will be gifting it this year.

Anne Marie X

I love to try new wine, but although it is something that I greatly enjoy, I am very much an amateur.

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I really don't look after my bags, and when I discovered the Handbag Clinic I was so delighted to be able to send off my most abused Celine for some tender loving care.

There were pen marks and stains from kids snacks on the inside and lots of scuff