Top highstreet finds under £50 Spring 2017

I am trying to be sensible and buy less but sometimes we just want something new!  Not going to pretend, I have got better but I still love when a package comes through the post.  When I have that urge I try to go low so that I am not spending money


Anyone who reads my blog will know my obsession with slides and I have been hankering after those Givenchy ones as seen on Kim K.  I just could not face spending over £400 on a pair of plastic slides even if they are made with mink.  I know you are


I used to pack so many shoes and sandals when I headed away only to end up wearing a couple of pairs. It has taken me years to get it right and you have to consider your own lifestyle but it is worth the effort to find those pairs that work for you.

Mango Silk dress

I feel like I have taken a step back in my effort to buy less. I fell into the trap of buying that Gucci T-shirt which looks so terrible on me.  The fabric is too flimsy and the cut too high on the neck, I've sold it already! This T-shirt only suits

Spring Wishlist

I find making a list the best way of avoiding those random (often Instagram) fuelled buys.

Take your time to make your own list  and try and stick to it. I key mine into the notes section of my phone, so I can refer to it when I'm out.

It's boring


Yes, after hibernating, Easter is almost upon us again and soon I know I have to don a bikini.  As a result, I have upped my exercise - I love spin and yoga and I find if I can fit in 3 sessions a week it makes all the difference.  My arms firm up,