Pieces to avoid this Spring, confessions of an instagram addict

Mango Silk dress

I feel like I have taken a step back in my effort to buy less. I fell into the trap of buying that Gucci T-shirt which looks so terrible on me.  The fabric is too flimsy and the cut too high on the neck, I’ve sold it already! This T-shirt only suits those of model like proportions otherwise it kind of moulds itself (in a bad way) to your figure.  I should have been more patient and waited for a vintage one . It really is about avoiding instant shopping gratification, if I had worked a bit harder I wouldhave a piece tha no one else had and that I would be wering now.

The Gucci Mistake

The Gucci Mistake

High waist jeans: why can I not accept that these just don’t suit me.  I have bought another pair in the sales and now I feel like I have to like them and wear them!

When I am walking around they look great but if you sit down they make me look like I am 4 months pregnant and the corset feel is so uncomfortable.  God help me, I bought two pairs!

This came from seeing them on someone at a sample sale (which didn’t have a decent mirror).  Again you cannot have any tummy when you venture into the realms of high waist jeans.  These jeans look great on Instagram but not so hot in real life.


I have now given my Mango pirate shirt to my pregnant sister, not one single jacket I own goes over it and when it is warm enough I know I won’t want to wear a shirt.  This was an Instagram fuelled buy and I should know better, fine if you don’t have oversized statement shirts as it is actually so well cut but my wardrobe is full of them so I didn’t need another.

It is not all bad news, the good buys have been my fitted jumpsuits; one from Citizens of Humanity and one from Vanessa Seward.  I want to wear these everyday and they are very flattering.  I have to stick to my  uniform and not feel like I  need to try something new all the time.

Citizens jumpsuit

Citizens of Humanity Jumpsuit


Vanessa Seward Jumpsuit

The mules from Russell and Bromley featured above, are worth every penny as they are so comfortable and the perfect shade of nude.

Though the Mango pink silk dress is a keeper the green midi one from the Committed Collection is not as the colour is awful on me.  I knew it would be but I wanted that shape to have it replicated.

Mango Silk dress


Shoes; I should not have bought the Next mules as I am still hankering after the Mansur Gavriel pair. I dont know why as the Next pair are truly fabulous and comfy but I just know why but I still think about the delicate toe of the originals.

backless mules

The Topshop Celine look-a-likes work, so maybe you win some you lose some!



I need these lessons written on a post it over my computer:

  1. Don’t jump on the bandwagon, what is the point is running around dressed like everyone on instagram. Also I need to wear the clothes I have, when I get back to London I am going to finish my outfit catalog that I am going to be sharing on the blog.
  2. Think before you buy anything you see on Instagram and make sure you wear it around the house with the labels on until you are sure.
  3. If you have reservations about colour or the finish, then don’t buy it.  You will wear it a couple of times but resent it in your wardrobe.

If I hadn’t written off the cash on those purchases I could have bought  a bomber jacket, which is what I realy need to finish off my outfits.

I hope this public confession will help me get back on the straight and narrow!!

Sorry about the slow down in posts but will be back after Easter.

Have a fabulous one where ever you are.


Anne Marie




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Anne Marie


  1. Hi Anne-Marie, what a lovely honest post. I felt I was doing the same so made a point of noting my key styes. How I would describe myself. I then looked at my wardrobe and realised 90% of my purchases in the last couple of years don’t reflect that. It was a shock. I felt like I had lost much of my identity. This coincided with my move to Ireland, and struggle to find good local shops that matched my style – which put into perspect I’ve some of the difficult mixed feelings I had about the move. I had lost my identity to social media whims. Am now re-editing my wardrobe and feel much better for it. We will always have transgressions. That’s the human aspect of the excitement of all things new, trial and error and our a dentures natures, but so good to our our ‘list’ to hand as a constant reminder. Great idea. Will put mine by my wardrobe! Have a lovely holiday. Shannah x

    • Thank you Shannah,it is so hard and agree sometimes we win but a uniforms helps the worst of the mistakes. I am over end of May and made Ciara promise that we all go out.

  2. I love your blog.

    Any recommendation for a statement shirt like the mango pirate shirt for bigger size lady that’s very top heavy?

    • I will have a look and come back to you thank you for reading

  3. Such good advice, I just fell into the instagram trap of buying something that would have looked great in my 20,s but not so great in my 40,s!
    From now on I am going to stick to my uniform & only buy what’s on my wardrobe gap list.

    • Thank you so much Anna , I still get it wrong but am doing it a lot less

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