Tara Jarmon – classic with a twist- one for your sales list

Tara Jarmon

The sales are imminent and I am busy marking the pieces I want to buy once they start. It is key to do this so that you can just swoop once the discounts are announced.

I tried on this green skirt as soon as it came out in the Autumn and as it wasn’t a classic I held off until January and snapped it up in the sale.

Tara Jarmon is a middle tier brand that I feel produces well made, age appropriate and classic clothes.

The brand is not so oversubscribed here in the UK, so the clothes  feel unique and also the quality in some pieces is as good as a lot of the high end designers.  Best of all, they are cut to flatter and for comfort.

This is not a sponsored post.  I bought the skirt myself –  you never know when reading blogs these days and I have written about the brand so many times before as it I think the quality is so much better than brands like Sandro or Maje. I also feel that they don’t get carried away with the trends but focus on classic shapes but the clothes are not boring.

Tara Jarmon

Tara Jarmon

Tara Jarmon

Originally, I tried it on in gold and was put off by the price point, then I tried on all those Topshop versions as I felt I could buy this on the high street.  The problem is that this kind of skirt is so tricky to wear and not look overly big around the hips.  This is where a knowledgeable brand like Tara Jarmon excels as they know how to cut for real women with curves.  With the cheaper skirts you have to cover up with an oversized jumper which is not the look I wanted.

I would pair this with a grey silk vest or t-shirt for a more dressed up look and finish the outfit with  a cropped blazer.

Below are some of the pieces I have my eye on for Spring 2017 at Tara Jarmon, the skirt above is from Winter 2016 but they have reissued it in black.  I adore the military jacket and the oversized blazer in particular which I am wearing below ( thank you Jo as wanted to show that look even better on a brunette).

Tara Jarmon

The jackets are a bit more grown up but still not too stiff and office like and I love the materials which are lightweight enough for Spring. These shapes will not go out of fashion and are soft enough that you can wear them every day. tara jarmon

The sizing is a bit tricky I  can go from a 36 to a 40 depending on the item so may have to try on a couple of sizes to get the right fit. The blue blazer is a 38 and fits perfectly but the navy we both had to size up to a 40.

Thank you for all your support and next week we are looking at beauty treatments that work, denim and lots more !





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