At last a facial Exfoliant that works from Agera a steal at £27

Agera Exfoliant Beauty Must HAve

I cannot tell you the number of facial exfoliants , I have bought over the years but there isn’t one I have bought twice. That is until I was recommended Agera Microderma System by the glorious Hannah Stafford Taylor. She is so generous in sharing her tips and has the most glorious skin.

Agera Microderma Exfoliant

My beauty tips are all products that I use myself and I am not paid to write about them and I pay for them myself. There is no way, I would recommend a product, unless I love it and use it.

Agera Microderma System

I use this product once a week, in the shower. You apply the mask first and massage it in for around a minute, it contains Vitamin C crystals that once you apply the activator, the Vitamin C  melt into your skin, I then massage the activator in for another 2 minutes . You feel a warmth but it is suitable for sensitive skin and I have never come out in a rash after using it. The entire treatments takes me 5 minutes , not time consuming at all.

Afterwards, your skin feels super soft and if I have an event to go to, I do it two days before. It means that my products are absorbed better and also your make up just goes on better and more evenly.

 Agera Microderma System

As I only need to use it once a week and you only need a little, this product lasts for ages.  I bought mine for £26 from the fabulous Effortless Skin. I used to pay £70 a month for microdermabrasion but I have cut back on these, to twice a year.  I also feel that it has helped reduce my pigmentation and even out my complexion.


I am learning to use products from companies that are experts and Agera, is renouned for professional peels so they know what they are doing.

Try Agera Microderma System and let me know how you get on. You can find it on Amazon or Effortless Skin.

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