I seldom wear black in the Winter (feel like it drains me and am pale enough) but in the Summer, with a tan, it's a different story.  I know that florals are everywhere but black is so much easier and more flattering to wear.  Not to mention you don't


Anyone who says that great skincare over 40 is easy is lying!  I have overdone it on retinol and my face resembles a shedding snake, so I have limited my nightly retinol to a few times a week.

Well done Meghan Markle for owning your skin - freckles,


What a week!

I completely under estimated the upheaval of moving, even though we have moved half a dozen times before!

However, there are upsides to moving and one of them is being forced to examine your wardrobe and come face to face with all your

CWSG Home-0063

I cut my hair last year and didn't realise how much more maintenance it was once it was shorter!

I can't use tongs anymore as I ended up with finger burns, even with those heat resistant gloves!  I loved to tie my hair up which is much  harder when


I get asked about the hardest working piece in my wardrobe and it has to be a navy mens cashmere jumper.  It just goes with everything and there is not a week that goes by that I don't throw it on.

If you have boobs then a v-neck is probably more


I have had a tricky week, (sorry so slow on the blogs), between the impending house move and a small procedure, but I am back in (almost) full swing now!

The move has focused my mind on the clothes which will make the cut!  There is nothing wrong

Burberry from Etsy

I have been a vintage convert for many years now.

As I live in Central London it's easy to access the best shops, however, I know that lots of you don't have the same proliferation of shops on or near your doorstep and I know that most of my own friends

Vintage Kaftan SK Vintage

Kimono's are huge this season.

As this is such an easy trend to wear and is actually really practical (hides your bum and is an outfit in itself).

Don't buy the Zara ones.  This is a trend to buy vintage because you will get glorious fabrics and