The best jeans of 2017 (so good…I even bought them myself)

Look out for Vintage Levis and Belts

I don’t want to be critical as blogging is supposed to be a fun, light hearted affair.  I do, however, take advising people seriously, particularly if the items are expensive like jeans.  So, unless I would buy something myself, and I have in this case, I wouldn’t advise others to buy them.

My advise to brands, who supply clothes to bloggers, is to be more selective in who you gift to.  If I see an item on two or more bloggers sites, I lose interest, and that’s a shame if the product is actually good.

My advice – gift to your real live customers.  They have the cash to buy, they love what you do and the goodwill earned is way more than you will get from most bloggers, who already have rails of clothes.

Rant over and back to the serious issue of denim and our eternal search for the perfect pair.  My obsession with Sarah Harris is well known and when Paige brought out the Sarah jeans, I hot-footed it over to Trilogy to check them out.

Sarah Harris the best denim

The skinny is dead and now look as dated as the boot cut.  I know they are easy to wear and make your legs look thinner but it’s high time to put them away in your attic.

Sarah PAige Jeans

Paige Sarah Jeans at Trilogy

Jeans are not easy to find.  I tried on at least 50 pairs to find the perfect fit for me.  It is crucial to think about your own shape and get the right fit for you.  The Sarah High Top Straight is denim perfection.  They hug your tummy like a comfort blanket, make your legs look skinny, due to the colour of the denim, and they are lightweight (you can wear them in Spring or Summer).

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (1350631am) Sarah Harris (Vogue) Cocktail Party for Kit Willow Hosted By Poppy Delevingne at The Rising House, London, Britain - 22 June 2011

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (1350631am)
Sarah Harris (Vogue)
Cocktail Party for Kit Willow Hosted By Poppy Delevingne at The Rising House, London, Britain – 22 June 2011

The jeans  are magnificent and by far the best jeans I have tried on in years.  There are no whistles and bells, just well fitting jeans that will keep me out of my skinny jeans.

Paige Sarah High Top Straight

Why and how can I justify spending £250?

The fit is so comfortable, I can run around in them and drive without feeling constricted.  At the same time, they are not oversized, which tends to make my ass and thighs look bigger.

The material is perfect for Spring and Summer – not too much give, so they stretch, just enough to hold you in.

They are cut to flatter the tummy but are not too high as to make sitting down uncomfortable.

The shorter length makes them current, but there is no flare which can make your legs look bigger.  They give you that nonchalant classic denim but with an edge that will not date.

All in all, I AM IN LOVE!

Thank you Paige and thank you Sarah Harris and sorry for the shameless stalking!

You can buy them at Trilogy.  I spotted them in the lighter colour from Paige directly.

If you can’t or don’t want to stretch your budget, Topshop are also doing a very similar looking pair of jeans – check out the Dree.  The material is not as soft, but they look good.

Pair with a Summer weight sweater like the Tippi from J Crew or a simple blue shirt, there are loads at Zara.


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