Boyfriend joggers – the best ones to buy now


Yes, there were the boyfriend jeans, jumpers but now it is the turn of the boyfriend jogger, or as my family refer to them, the chav pants.

Burberry featured them on the catwalks this season and something that shouldn’t work (Burberry and a chav pant) just looked so fresh for Spring and I am smitten.  Anything that gives me the excuse to be comfortable will be embraced by me.


I know you are thinking “Oh God no, what is she wearing”!  Yes, there is a danger that this look could go to the dark side but order a pair and I guarantee that your tailored joggers will feel passe and you will not want to take these boyfriend joggers off.

They have the added benefit of keeping you warm (all the space for air to circulate) and they cover your feet so they keep you toasty, plus they look sublime with slides and mules.


Sometimes the fashions change and as a connoisseur of joggers the move has now shifted to a looser fit.  I am really careful to dress up the top half and to wear a body underneath so it doesn’t become too shapeless.


Where to find these beauties?  Check out these from Ebay which I have ordered in white.  I adore Calvin Klein and check Tibi, Raey or Stella.  I prefer a simple cotton in white or grey as it is easier to style.  I bought mine for £10 from ASOS Marketplace.






The Tibi and Raey pairs are on my Wish List already as they are so simple and classic.  As I have lived in my £10 pairs I know it is worth investing in a better quality pair. All the ones I have selected are a heavier fabric so they wont sag at the knee or bottom or be too flimsy .


The key is to look for a more voluminous and longer fit.  If you are petite then check out Gap as they have so many great pairs.

Check out Natasha Zinko, the shape of these is phenomenal or Alexander Wang and Frame have also issued a boyfriend pair of joggers.



Fendi have also done some of the best ones and they are online now at Net a Porter if you want more of a statement.


I am a blogger, so I know I have gone for a more extreme version of the boyfriend jogger.  However, if you invest in just one pair that are slightly looser and match with a pair of slides (love the Balmain ones) in the Spring and a lovely cashmere, then I promise it will keep you current without necessarily being a slave to fashion.


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