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The more glitter and sparkles I see, the more I retreat to basics, such as simple cashmere and white t-shirts.

I dress for myself, but I know that when I see my friends, everyone looks best in a simple white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans.  Boring? 

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One event to put in your diary is the British Red Cross designer shopping day:

29th of November from 16.00 to 20.00

69-71 Old Church St, Chelsea, London SW3 5BS

I will be there that evening and the next day (30th) when you will be able to call

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I have long been looking for a pair of waterproof boots to wear this Winter.  Most, including Uggs, make my feet look enormous.  I spotted the Emu slippers last year, they are truly spectacular and are properly soled so you can wear them outside (size

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Rework, Repair and Rewear.

How many times is the item you want sold out in your size?  Similarly, we all have loads of items in our wardrobe that need repairing, shortening or let out or in.

The biggest problem for most of us is finding someone


I seldom get to head to the actual shops as I am too busy clearing wardrobes and selling the contents, however, I do try to get out properly once a week and thanks to my ever patient friend Jo, sometimes inspiration strikes...

A 'uniform' is great,

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Sample sales used to be solely for the in-crowd.

We all heard rumours of these sales but no one I knew was ever invited!  Then, the entire sector went into overdrive and it felt like you were getting an invite almost every day, and frankly, most of


I was going to write a 'Whats New for Autumn 2018' post.  However, I feel like you will all soon be inundated with similar narrative and you don't need me to kick start the race to Autumn!

I am so tired of the 'Whats Hot' / 'Autumn Must Haves' / 'Colour