Chroma for Personalized Stationery, the perfect Valentine’s Gift

Chroma Stationery

I found this amazing brand Chroma Stationery while sifting through instagram and at prices starting at seven pounds, I assumed it would be one of those online buys you regret.

They arrived and are stunning.  I ordered a  couple of notebooks for my blog, one in white and one in lilac.

Next I am having a great quote done, like the one below.


Chroma Stationery


They have various types of notebooks you can chose from.

The process is easy and the delivery super quick, these are obviously great for bloggers but make great gifts too, or Valentines presents.


Chroma stationery



They come beautifully wrapped and packaged, so ready to gift.


Chroma Stationery






I know a few of you have already placed an order so please share the photos with me .


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Anne Marie

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