DAFNI ceramic hairbrush – throw away your straightening irons

dafni brush

My hair reacts so badly to straightening irons, it ends up going limp and a bit frizzy.  I was given the DAFNI ceramic brush by my friend Kelly at Pure PR and I have used it non-stop for two months and I love it.  I switch it on and run it through my hair for two minutes and it leaves it straight and smooth but without the frizz. Now my hair is shorter I cannot get away with my normal slap dash approach to hair.




DAFNI brush

The DAFNI gives a natural finish to your hair yet I can keep some body.  I don’t like that super flat ironed look that you get with straighteners.  It heats up in less than a minute and as the surface area is bigger than irons, it is kinder to your hair.

I recently ordered a heat resistant glove as it makes the process much easier as my hair is shorter, I would otherwise find the brush too hot on my hand.

I use mine everyday, I also have the travel option which is so light and easy to pack.  I think this is perfect if, like me, you have your hair blow dried once a week yet want to keep it looking polished for the rest of the week.  My hair is in so much better condition since I ditched the straighteners!


Be careful, your hair has to be totally bone dry before you can you the product, I would not use this product to straighten my hair from scratch, as mine is too coarse but to keep it fresh after my blow dry or to freshen my hair after the gym it works brilliantly.

The DAFNI was gifted but I am happy to recommend as it works brilliantly.

The sweater is from Donna Ida.


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Anne Marie


  1. I bought my daughter the babylyss one. It’s great for smoothing her thick, long, wavy hair. I agree hair needs to be bone dry and it did not work for her friend who has actual curly hair. Much kinder to hair than straighteners. Ali

    • Thanks for writing in I find my hair is so much better since I ditched the straighteners

    • Agree my hair just did not agree with GHDs and love how quick the brush is

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