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Last week's visit, to check out the wardrobe of one of the UK's most stylish women Noreen Goodwin, blew me away.

I don't often say that but it was a game changer.

I was feeling a bit tired of the trends and lacking in fashion inspiration, but no


I normally don't go to business breakfasts, as I have a complicated school run and my work time is so precious. Obviously when you get the chance to glean tips from one of the worlds richest women, you make time!

I am so glad  I did , it was a real



As we get to a certain age we accept we need to be aware  about what goes into our bodies, how we treat them, the dreaded exercise and are happy to pay for the beautician, gym, personal trainer, organic food etc. However unlike our fellows


I used to be an avid reader of magazines but since I discovered bloglovin it has all changed!

Bloglovin allows you to follow all your favourite blogs with a simple click. It also sends you recommendations .

A summary of all the blogs I follow  arrives

The founder


With the Frieze Art Fair taking over Regents Park and the talk turning to art, I wanted to introduce to a great local company which can help you find affordable art.

Although disposable income isn't' something that comes to hand often when