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I hate skiing but my husband loves it, as do my kids now!  We have been going to a resort in Italy for years but this half term we decided to try somewhere new.  It was a tip from my friend Tanya who is one of those people who has always been kind enough to share and her tips are always fabulous.

So we booked the Grand Hotel Tirolia and our flights to Munich and off we went.

Grand Hotel Tirolia

It worked and we have booked for next February and our friends are going back for Christmas.

The flight was easy, but be careful with the car hire, as some companies (Budget) had a half day wait.  We were so lucky that the one we booked (Alamo) had no queue.

The drive should have taken 2 hours but it ended up as 3 hours as the roads were so busy.   The drive is easy as there are no (well, very few) steep mountain turns.  That is the great thing about Kitzbuhel, you are not that high but the snow was still great.

Grand Hotel Tirolia

The Grand Hotel Tirolia, is a ten minute drive outside town and they have a shuttle bus all day to the lifts or shops.  It is the rooms that made us rebook, they are sumptuous and spacious and you have 360 degree views of the mountains. The staff are so attentive and there is nothing they cannot arrange.  The hotel was booked out when we were there but it never felt full as the common areas are so huge. No waiting for tables at breakfast or dinner, and…no scrum in the boot room!

Grand Hotel Tirolia

For skiing, it was ‘fairly’ relaxed in the mornings – you have breakfast and then wander across to the boot room and as people tend to leave at different times there is no squash.  We tended to drive ourselves to the ski school, as there was free parking, but you don’t need to.

Grand Hotel Tirolia

The ski rental is onsite at the hotel and the equipment is new and up to date and you can pick up socks or whatever else you forget in the shop.

Grand Hotel Tirolia

The Spa is exceptional and the pool is gorgeous and there are no ‘poo in the pool’ alerts.

I did lots of yoga as they have a regular teacher that comes to the hotel and the gym is brilliantly equipped. You can walk straight out and do snow walking as the hotel is in the countryside and you can rent all the equipment from the hotel.

Grand Hotel Tirolia

There was no managed kids club, just a room with toys, but they do have one at Christmas apparently and you can arrange babysitting.  Ask for Fr. Blaschke, not cheap at 22 Euros an hour.

Kitzbuhel is my kind of town, loads of shops to potter around in but it is also a functioning town so you don’t feel like you are in a tourist trap.  There is enough glamour but I spent the week in my sportswear during the day so no shi shi outfits needed.

Grand Hotel Tirolia


We ate out a lot (you can choose day by day at the hotel whether you want dinner or not).


The Ski School called Element 3 is really well run and they take kids from three.  The groups are small and we had 4 or 5 kids in our group with one instructor who spoke perfect English.  If you do want a private teacher ask for Sophie, she was brilliant (not next half term though as we have booked her already!)

Grand Hotel Tirolia

Grand Hotel Tirolia

Next year we are going back with a few more families, otherwise I think it could be a bit quiet in the hotel.

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing as I know how hard it is to get an unbiased review, please mentioned Catwalkschoolgates, if you book as the hotel promised to look after my readers.


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