Would you put Celine in your Washing Machine

Miele w1

I was honoured to be asked to work with Miele as I have used their machines for years.  I am not going to pretend to be a domestic goddess, my friends read my blog and would be the first to comment if I suddenly purported to be an expert on washing machines.

Buying and selling lots of preloved clothes mean that I wash piles of silks and cashmere every week, it would not be feasible financially to send these all to be dry cleaned. It is easier to use my Miele and the items come out smelling beautifully and we have never had an issue with pulls or an item stretching.  My machine is on all day everyday and it is crucial to my business.

Miele W1 Washing Machine

Before I bought my machines I headed to the Miele Experience Centre, the staff are so knowledgeable and you can see the machines in action. Thank you to the fabulous Eleanor at Miele for all your help. You can email experiencecentre.london@miele.co.uk to book in.

Miele W1 Machine

Miele asked me to come up with my capsule collection and for me the trophy piece in this collection is my Celine sweater, it is one of my prized possessions as the colour just makes me happy when I put it on. The brand I Love Mr Mittens is my latest oversized sweater obsession.

Miele W1

This sweater goes with everything from dresses, skirts to jeans. I would never send it to be dry cleaned as it is too precious to me, I wash it on the wool wash with the Miele tabs and then but it in the wool setting in my dryer. It comes out perfectly every time.

miele w1

miele w1

I also have a Saint Laurent sweater which is so fluffy that washing it properly is so important to it keeping its lustre and texture. I adore the BASH version this season.

Miele w1

miele w1

miele w1

Outfits are the best way to avoid wasting time panicking about what to wear, my vintage Levi’s (bought from SK Vintage) are another item I am so careful washing as they are super soft and I use the denim wash as it keeps them that way, as well as the perfect shade of blue. The bag is from Clare Vivier.

Miele w1

Brown is such an underrated colour and I bought this YSL wool shirt from my own Ebay Shop, I had to wash it as it hadn’t been cleaned before we received it from the seller.

miele w1

I also bought a silk Equipment shirt which had a couple of stains on it but these too came out and I was able to buy a £200 shirt for £45, as I bought it preloved and knew I could clean it myself in my Miele.

miele w1

I want to thank Miele for donating a machine for us to give away. We want to make sure it goes to a worthy home and are asking for you to email us if you know an individual or charity that could benefit from a brand new washing machine.  The machine is the W1 Twindos washing machine worth over £1k.

miele w1

Just send an email to catwalkschoolgates@gmail.com

Otherwise please use the code CRV5CMJ4EX  to get 20%  off Miele.


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Anne Marie


  1. Oh wow thanks for tip. My machine has a handwash cycle on but I’m not confident using it with my precious items.
    Must check out the Miele as I must be due a new machine soon!
    Great post

  2. Oh that’s great! I’m looking at machines at the moment – great timing, I will definitely look at this one.

    • They are the best and head to the Miele showroom so helpful

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