The Perfect Snow boot from IkkII forget Uggs, Sorels and Moon boots


We woke up to snow for the first time this year in London and I was so excited to wear the snow boots from IkkII, that I bought in Italy last year. I find most of the brands really ugly but these are so cute and they are really are great in the snow.




Made from premium shearling and soft suede, this boot will keep your feet cosy through the winter months.






The sole of the boot is specifically designed  to withstand snow whether at a ski resort so walking through the snow at home. They come in so many colours it is hard to decide which to go for. I invested in the grey but there are lots of finishes and colours.




While visiting the Scoop trade Fair last week, I came across  next seasons collection which looks beautiful.



IKKII New Collection




Handmade in Turkey, these are not cheap but they are an  investment you will have for years. They are very similar to the sold out  Isabel Marant version which I have seen on all the bloggers this season.



Mija in Isabel Marant

Mija in Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Snowboot

Isabel Marant Snowboot


Forget about Uggs, Sorels or Moon boots IkkII is the best boot for the snow and since snow seems to be making an annual appearance in the UK it is now worth investing.


I have managed to find a few still in the sale at My , let me know what you think






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Anne Marie


  1. i am about to buy a pair but can’t find enough feedback on sizing! do you have any thoughts? are they pretty true to size?

    • Hi Carolina,
      I would say they are standard sizing I have not gone up a size.
      Have amazing collection on Avenue 32 and you can email them about sizing, Also Outnet have some great ones from K lAgerfeld

  2. I purchased three sizes of these boots in order to determine the appropriate size. I found they run small. For example, I wear a US size 6.5. A size 37 EU was too small, and it wasn’t even the inner shearling lining that caused the problem. Instead my toes abutted the inside of the tip of the shoe. A size 38 EU (US size 7) fits, at least for now. I wear mine without socks, so the small sizing may be an even bigger issue for those of you who wear socks. Another note–the sole is inflexible and there is no arch support. It is almost like wearing bricks on your feet with the exception that they are not as heavy. Nonetheless, I am keeping mine and sacrificing comfort for fashion. They are beautiful.

    • I always wear mine without socks too! They just look so cute ..

  3. Hi Anne Marie,

    Love this post- these boots are gorgeous. I just bought a pair but I’m wondering if they are too small. They feel snug and almost like I can feel the end with my toe. Did you find that yours loosened with wear? Thabks!

    • Yes they have really loosened with wear, by the way where did you find the post ?

  4. This will be the most daftest question ever but just going to ask anyway, it will give you a laugh if nothing else. I’ve just got my first pair of these boots and I cannot for the life of me tell which boot goes on which foot!!??!!! I feel no difference when I swap from foot to foot. Me and my two friends have been looking at them for ages, totally puzzled….any tips?!!

    • So odd not sure either maybe tweet them mine so old have moulded to my feet

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