skincare that works over 40

When you are on holiday a tan looks fantastic, but the minute you come back and look in the mirror (the light is harsher) and you see the downside of your hours of tanning.  Despite having used nothing but factor 90 my skin looks flaky, dry and thinner,

Botox when to have it

I am turning 46 soon and had held off having botox, until a couple of weeks ago. I am blessed to see a fabulous dermatologist Dr Lynette Yong and when I saw her last, she felt like I did, that it was time.  Not that I have a problem with botox, I think

Skincare that works over 40

At last the first post from the new house, I  just got internet but our furniture is just starting to arrive tomorrow, so excuse the sporadic nature of my posts for the next few days. One thing I have had not got to worry about, during this stressful