2015-04-29 17.34.12

I met the team of SET when I popped into the  Scoop tradeshow after Christmas. They really stood out in a sea of designers- I loved the quality and style but most of all the reasonable prices.

It is all about wearable clothes, with a bit of an understated


I met Nadine Shenton at a charity event- we got talking and the topic turned to schools as it often does at these events. Though not the typical schools top trumps ie. 'Where does your child go?" question, only asked as they want to share how fabulous

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I love Wolf and Badger. They offer small brands the option of exhibiting in their fabulous shops in Notting Hill and Dover Street.

It is here I came across Merci Me. I was drawn in by the amazing use of colour and at this time of year it I know I

2015-03-25 16.13.18

I am not a kaftan wearer. I used to be but now being in my forties I tend to steer clear as they can be very ageing, unless they are vintage.

I love to wear shirts and shirt dresses in particular as a cover up. I do find it hard to find good ones

2015-04-07 13.19.50

I look at those pictures of Alexa Chung in her dungarees and think yes, I love that look! But when I have put them on in the past, I really do feel like a painter/decorator or mechanic.

I think the key is if you are not waif like, go for a boyfriend