I adore Instagram and I cherish all those who have have a brilliant turn of phrase.

I posted the picture below, which is more or less my current uniform, and the lovely Natasha came up with 'the morning after the night before look, but with your clothes

Summer Fitness from Nike

On holiday,  my Rose consumption definitely escalates and while I very seldom eat white bread in London, on holiday I seem permanently attached to a baguette. I have worked so hard this year at Heartcore to get fit and traditionally I would slack off

Leg cleavage

Getting our shoulders out is huge, as well as showing a bit of back cleavage, now it is on to the legs.

Side slit trousers and shorts are everywhere and I was a bit skeptical but I am now a convert. I love the idea of a flashing a bit of flesh,  not

Tailored shorts

I am obsessed by city shorts and  Jo, one of my loveliest friends, has been asking me where to get your hands on some. They are the perfect option when you head away this Summer and want to be a bit smarter, yet stay cool. She has a tripped planned to