The Midi Dress

I struggle with dresses, as I hate tights and dresses throw up way too many questions, when you get dresses at 6.00 AM.

Sometimes JEANS WONT DO, we all know when you are faced with going somewhere and there is that last minute panic. I also feel if

Style over Fashion

With statement bags costing the same as a small car, I love the idea of bringing back a bag that was huge and somehow lost its place.

In the last of the series of our feature with Noreen Goodwin, we picked up her idea of bringing back the Dior   Saddlebag.

2015-09-18 10.27.12-1

Last week when we checked out Noreen's wardrobe it was all about the cape. This week I cannot wait to show you her statement skirts.

What we found in this exquisite wardrobe was an Aladdin's Cave of the best skirts I have ever encountered.

I have

2015-09-18 10.21.34

Last week's visit, to check out the wardrobe of one of the UK's most stylish women Noreen Goodwin, blew me away.

I don't often say that but it was a game changer.

I was feeling a bit tired of the trends and lacking in fashion inspiration, but no