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Wearing maxi dresses during the day is just not practical, they trail in the mud and rain and they hinder you from getting what you have to do done.

The drouser is the new trend and it really works!  It is a take on the midi dress that you can wear

Spring Wishlist

I find making a list the best way of avoiding those random (often Instagram) fuelled buys.

Take your time to make your own list  and try and stick to it. I key mine into the notes section of my phone, so I can refer to it when I'm out.

It's boring

Travelling in Style

I am off on my travels.  We had to cancel our trip to Spain last week as Luella was sick but we are off now for a few days to Dublin to see my family for Christmas.  Packing is always a challenge for me with the airline weight limits, however, even

Outfit Inspiration

I was invited my friend and stylist Shanaz Coles, to an event at Max Mara a couple of weeks ago. I was so impressed by the breath of the collection.  Since I stopped going to an office I had dismissed the brand. Don't it is full of classic clothes cut


Having outfits makes getting dressed so much easier and avoids that 'lots of clothes and nothing to wear scenario' . I love Instagram and when  I saw this midi trench look  on the fabulous Jeanette Madsen  I felt inspired, as I loved how she put

the frilly bottom

It is Monday after all, so we all need a bit of light entertainment.

This week it is the frilly bottom, they are everywhere the shorts and trouser versions.

Sometimes I am just, looking for something fun to wear and this look is a great way to embrace


I love to when those Wear What I Wear features and check out mine at Catwalkschoolgates. I update it regularly with pieces I spot on my travels.

Nothing beats a great pink coat and I am obsessed by this one by  Emila Wickstead , that I bought in