skincare that works over 40

When you are on holiday a tan looks fantastic, but the minute you come back and look in the mirror (the light is harsher) and you see the downside of your hours of tanning.  Despite having used nothing but factor 90 my skin looks flaky, dry and thinner,

How to get a firmer chin line

I have been boring you all with my (fairly) constant complaining about the rapid collapse of my jaw line!  I always had a bit of a double chin but one morning I looked in the mirror and the skin under my chin had definitely headed south, and I looked

Skincare that works

I have given up on those magazine 'Best Beauty Products Lists'.  They are mostly sponsored and I have never been impressed by anything I have bought based on their recommendation.

Now, I get my beauty tips from friends.  There is no agenda and

Skincare over 40

'nature gives you the face you have at twenty,

life shapes the face you have at thirty,

at fifty you get the face you deserve'

I love this Coco Chanel quote.

Ageing is a leveller.  As you get older there are no short cuts and even those

Agera Exfoliant Beauty Must HAve

I cannot tell you the number of facial exfoliants , I have bought over the years but there isn't one I have bought twice. That is until I was recommended Agera Microderma System by the glorious Hannah Stafford Taylor. She is so generous in sharing her

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF

When I checked out the wardrobe of one of London's most divine School Run mum's I had to take a look in her bathroom cabinet.

Hannah Stafford Taylor, is one of those women blessed with flawless skin .  So what are her beauty secrets?

She swears