The Little Green Spoon Cookbook – even got me cooking!

Indy Power

I am famed for my dreadful cooking.

I don’t know why, as my mother cooked for all six of us kids when we were little.  I have managed to get through to today without dealing with this ‘big black hole’ in my education, mainly due to the fact that my husband loves cooking (when he gets the time!) but as my kids get older I want them to see food being prepared and cooked.  It’s not that they eat badly but food can easily be ‘just’ cooked, in other words, without love, creativity or variety.  I also want to eat cleaner but not at the expense of taste.  It’s not about weight loss I just want to eat simple, well prepared, tasty food.  Believe it or not, it also weans me off spending all my time hunting for clothes and at least I now spend some time looking at recipes, which I have found to be actually quite addictive!

2017 is the year when I intend to master 20 simple recipes but I want them to be tasty and easy to throw together.

I started by asking those of my friends that cook from recipes.  Alex, my photographer, sent me a Zucchini, Pea and Mint Soup from the Monday Morning Cooking Club which I made.  The first step, which took me an age, was to master the food processor which we got as a gift for our wedding 11 years ago…and never been used!  We did it (my husband helped) and it was delicious and we froze batches and will lived off it for weeks.



I was then tipped off to a cookbook called The Little Green Spoon by Indy Power.  It is phenomenal and worth buying as it is easy to follow and the food is so delicious and healthy.

Indy Power

Lynn told me about the cookbook as it has been a sell out in Ireland and hard to get your hands on.  Now I know why!  I have tried a lot of the other ‘healthy option’ cookbooks but they are way too complicated and I would need a day alone to find the ingredients.  Indy Power’s book is so simple and the food is really divine; all the recipes I tried, I would cook again and best of all, the kids loved them.

Indy Power

We also wanted to make healthy after school snacks so tried the Double Chocolate Pecan Bread which I can highly recommend.  We also made the Grain Free Granola (my biggest success) and Buckwheat Waffles as well as Carrot and Courgette Fritters.  I even got my son to eat porridge (albeit chocolate porridge).

I think the key is to put time aside and to ensure you have all the ingredients you need and I also had to buy storage jars for all the various nuts, flours etc.

Indy Power

Thanks also to Miranda who is going to organize a course for me and some friends at Building Feasts.  The big disaster last week was that I didn’t know I was supposed to wet wooden skewers before you cook them in the oven which resulted in a bit of a kitchen disaster.

emma BArdwell

If you have any Food websites or blogs that you love please send them my way!  I have been loving Emma Bardwell and her blog Eighty Percent Clean.  Emma is realistic and her approach to food and cooking is honest and easy to follow.  I am currently loving her Chia porridge and her cauliflower and coconut curry.


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Anne Marie


  1. Definitely look at Sugar Free Childhood. Ive made her brownies and it’s been a huge hit with the kids and my friends.

  2. Hi Anne Marie,

    Been following your blog for a while (because I think all my Hampstead/Highgate friends follow your blog and you kept appearing everywhere in FB) and I guess I’m to fashion what you’re to cooking. I haven’t got a clue, except I wish I had. So I read you and I really find it interesting and it all makes sense so I make resolutions (to try new colours! To invest in Good Pieces! To dare a bit more!) but I’m afraid I’m still the safe colours safe shapes kind of girl.

    Anyway, cooking! Anything Donna Hay does is brilliant, and her new Fresh & Light magazine is very very good (sold in Selfridges). And her latest book, Life in Balance, combines great tasting food with very very easy methods and easy to get ingredients.

    Lastly, have you ever heard of the Thermomix? All the recipes you mention above can be easily made in one kitchen appliance with no chopping and no pans involved. The soup (the chopping, sautéing, blending in the same bowl with restaurant like texture), the porridge (no milk stuck to the pan!), the bread, the granola (you’d need to oven for these 2), the curry, and so many more things (sugar free sorbets that are insane, quinoa/pearl barley/rice risottos, full steamed meals of say fish, vegetables and rice…the list is truly endless).

    For people that find cooking intimidating but would like to eat healthily, the Thermomix is truly a no brainer. But equally, so many chefs use it now, it just gives you a great scope and brilliant results.

    Full disclosure, I’m a classically trained cook and recently started working for Thermomix (after using it for 30 years) because I love it and think it does help people’s lives (as grand as that sounds). I do quick demos at home (standard or personalised) and I’m starting cooking lessons this month at my home. You can check my IG account @kitchenvictories where everything is cooked with it.

    If you’re interested, I’d love to show you how it works. If anything you’ll have made a brilliant supper for your family. My number is 07769707378.

    Thank you for writing your blog, it has great tips for hopeless people like me.

    • Going to text you now love to have a demonstration and see how it works

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