Work out your own skincare routine that makes a difference

Skincare that works

I have given up on those magazine ‘Best Beauty Products Lists’.  They are mostly sponsored and I have never been impressed by anything I have bought based on their recommendation.

Now, I get my beauty tips from friends.  There is no agenda and I know that unless they love it they wont recommend it.

Hannah is ruthless, she has a small number of products that she knows works for her skin.  It is so important to remember that products that work for one, may not work for someone else, and I now insist on getting samples before I buy anything expensive.   If a store wont give me samples then I simply will not buy from them.


I am also a bit tired of being told to buy this product one week and another the next week.  We all need a skincare routine which you can involve adding or changing the odd item.  In this way you can discover what works best for your skin.

Developing your own simple skincare routine is really important and this does not mean having to spend lots of money.

This piece is not sponsored and all the products have been paid for.   We also don’t edit our videos so be kind!

Top Tips:

  1. Mornings use Vitamin C, either SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF or Auriga Flavo C Forte which is brilliant too and only costs just over £20.  I have written about how Vitamin C helps your skin in an older post
  2. Always use a sun block, try La Roche Posay or alternatively you can go for Heliocare, which is what I use
  3. A brilliant eye cream is Neostrata Bionic Eye Cream
  4. At night use retinol (not to be used if you are in the sun) and you must use sun block and build it up slowly.  Hannah and I use Neostrata
  5. Cleanse with Bioderma – you can find it on Amazon
  6. I haven’t needed microdermabrasion since I started using the Agera system, it is the same product that beauticians use

If you have any questions at all on skincare please email me at  I will be putting these questions to a dermatologist that I will be featuring monthly on the blog.  We will be looking at other brilliant products next week.




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Anne Marie


  1. Brilliant video !
    Just wondering what the product is that Hannah uses for her eyebrows please ? Niamh

  2. Just wondering If you are in the sun, what night cream go you recommend instead of retinal?

  3. Just wanted to say a belated thank you for recommending AURIGA FLAVO-C forte, It transformed my skin last summer and it worked wonders!

    • Thank you for taking the time to write in I really appreciate it !!

    • Thank you Sarah I am just off to order again is brilliant and so well priced thank you for taking the time to write

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